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  Hello, my name is Phydeaux and I am addicted to Video Games.

  "Hi Phydeaux."


  Here, I will update you on my major Video Game projects.

  In the NEWS section, you will find NEWS about this site.

  In the DOWNLOADS section, you will find:

    1: The MARQUEE library for Mame32.  Updated (4/14/01)

    2: The SCREENSHOT library for Mame32.

     3: Mame Utilities that I have written.

       A: MISSING V2.1 gives an HTML report of your missing roms

      B: MMissing V2.2 does the same if you have merged roms

      C: ORIGINAL V2.0  makes a batch file to copy non-clone games.

      D: JustRoms V2.0 cleans non-MAME files out of your Rom directory


  In the "My Video Games" section, you will find articles about:

    1: Building my own Video Game Cabinet, called Closet2Mame

          I give a step-by-step commentary so you can do the same. 

    2: Restoration of my GALAXIAN machine.

         From Barn to Arcade Auction.


You can also read the sad tales of HARDCORE VIDEO GAMERS

   and submit your own stories to share with others.


  Click here to check out my Ebay auctions





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  This page was last updated on 04/14/01.


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